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Holy Cow Studios

Welcomes you with

warm heart,

creative hands,

calm mind.



We transform business with dynamic, energetic, adaptable and forceful digital solutions that fulfils the needs of today and unlocks the opportunities of tomorrow.

Three mains services are as follow:


Software Consulting and Development

Transform Business for 21st century

  • Software Development
  • IT Consulting
  • UI/UX Design
  • Application Services
  • Data Analytics

Marketing Research and Strategy

Find Your competitive advantage in Market

  • Primary &  Secondary Research
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Macro- Environment Analysis
  • Data Analytics

Design and Stream Digital Campaigns

Grow Customers with Virtual Attention

  • Creating Digital Advertisements
  • Precise Targeting of Audience
  • Social Media Management
  • Data Driven Evaluation

Our Motto

What is done in Love is Done Well.
Let's start the journey with love, passion and gratitude for growth and Fulfilment in life.

Akash Navet

Holy cow Studios


We have been involved in many projects with in small time frame of our humble beginning


Software Consulting for Satellite Data

Consulting services will be for the design, engineering and architecting the data platform and Machine Learning platform that Indian Satellite operator is building for satellite imagery applications.


Digital Marketing for International Opportunities

India is connecting to the world in new ways. We provide digital marketing solutions to travel Industry.

Are you aspiring to gain international work experience? Are you aspiring to learn new culture? Are you an organization dealing with human resource?  We provide with right solution to live Internationally.


Market Research for the development of Android Phone.

A primary Research project for the development and the assembly of mobile phone in NCR’s Electronic Market. The goal of the study is “The development and assembly of Android phone from electronic waste under $150.


Development of Financial Technology in India

Paysa is modern banking, created for 21st century. Paysa offers simple and fast banking to people. A better choice to protect their money. We believe that managing finances doesn’t need to be complex.


Idea Development into Digital World

 Mofe is an idea for happy and conscious path in Life. The idea is represented in digital platform and managed by Holy Cow Studios. Mofe is the result of two services, offered as Website Design & Development and Design & Stream Digital campaigns.