How digital marketing contributed to political campaigns in US 2020 elections? Social media analysis of Joe Biden’s campaign.

How digital marketing contributed to political campaigns in US 2020 elections?
Social media analysis of Joe Biden’s campaign

Rutu Patel

One thing which is certain about the 2020 election cycle, is that social media has been extremely crucial for electoral campaigns. The global pandemic has moved our activities into the online arena more and more and presidential election campaigns have not been an exception. The pandemic of coronavirus has driven candidates off the campaign road and transformed the presidential election in 2020 into a social media one. It was important to shift all the canvassing and rallying to social media, candidates’ blogs, and apps. 

Starting off by reviewing the strategies made by Biden, the analysis show that there have been over 2.2 million mentions on social media since 1st June 2020, by using hashtags such as, #voteforBiden #voteblue #biden2020 #teamJoe #BidenHarris #2020Victory #votebluenomatterwho #settleforbiden.

On Facebook, Trump had more than 30 million followers and 85 million on Twitter, while on Facebook, Biden had just under 3 million, and on Twitter, just over 9 million. As you can see, Biden’s task was to expand his community and at the same time meet as many people as he could without adopting an established social network. Hundreds of Biden volunteers participated in a training program focused on digital organizing and creating online content that bolsters Biden’s message.

Since Biden’s reach was much less, it was suggested that he make his online presence on all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Cameo, online games, Reddit).


In addition to this, it was also suggested by his team, to include influencers help spread his message even further and gain popularity. Biden’s outreach goes beyond mainstream apps as well. In September, the campaign debuted Biden-Harris campaign signs in Animal Crossing, the video game that became wildly popular on social media at the start of the pandemic. Some celebrities, like Andy Cohen and Dulé Hill, are fundraising for the campaign on Cameo, the video app, which allows users to post fan-requested video messages in exchange for donations. 


Lastly, focussing on advertising strategies, it was analysed that The Democratic candidate’s team spent about $60 million on digital ads, including about $9 million on Facebook ads. The candidate approached older voters on Facebook, which was a smart move: older people are more likely to vote, but Facebook is still ignored by the younger demographic in favor of other channels. It can be inferred that Biden’s campaign used demographic and geographic data to make sure they reach voters with specific messages catered to their demographic group. 


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