How Information Technology has changed the Marketing Landscape?


How Information Technology has changed the Marketing Landscape?

‘Billboard does not function like targeted, clickable, trackable social media ad, Linear Television ad live is not same as YouTube videos and Direct Mail is not same as two-way email communication’ by Bart Caylor, Digital Marketer

Earth beings has internet for over 25 years. Internet surely have change the ecosystem of marketing. The big data, personalized ad, targeting and analytic tools do create an incredible power for marketers while delivering result. Digital world made people come close to each other and not just for users but the interface between brand and people is awfully transformed.

Marketers are hiring creative employees to connect with audience in less time, impressing them with humour that was usually not seen before the tech boom. The interaction can be in the form of question and answer on Instagram stories, comment sections on You tube, Websites recommending certain products to users based on their search histories.

Stories hold the gaze and the ears of customers and so brands market their services/products via storytelling and educational seminars. The more creative, engaging and educational the experiences are, the stronger connection with the consumers is formed. Organisations also buy search engine keywords, so when you encounter with an pop-up advertisement once you entered a keyword.

Yesterday ads were for all but today technology has made advertisements feel personal to customers. It can be through special messages on holidays and birthdays, discount codes and other information being texted when signed up for alerts. Brands collect email address and phone number and other customer data and conduct the infamous email marketing.

Marketing via digital spending is increasing year by year and yearly spending increased by 14.3 % in the pandemic year. Information technology showed its supremacy during pandemic years.      

1. The virtual seminars are replaced by webinars

2. Market localizations is seen due to hybrid and work from home preference over cubicle life.

3. Time is of important value making 91% of consumer most likely to shop from brands that provide tailored recommendations. These recommendations require deep rooted customer-business relationship which is now possible because of A.I. which helps to collect data and can recognize what a consumer is most likely to purchase.

4. Cross platform tracking is another way that helps advertisers create ads that is relevant to potential customer. It helps you to serve custom ads across the web and in the social media feeds. Businesses can track the users on all their devices and can create marketing campaign tactics/strategies that perform well.

The recent trend that can be seen among digital natives or the Gen Z is mix of digital and print ecosystem. Whether it is because they have privacy concerns or want to be called as ‘old school’ (because it is the new cool), they want to disconnect and read- not on screens but on actual papers.

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